Biography english | 田原 桂一 Tahara Keiichi LightScape




1951       ・Born august 20, Kyoto, Japan

1957-1969  ・Classic education, Kyoto, Japan

1963-1969  ・Learns photographic techniques with his grandfather,
            professionnal photographer, Yoshitaro Miyagawa, Kyoto, Japan

1965       ・His grandfather offers him an Asahi Pentax ; he photographies landscape.

1969-1971  ・Producer and cameraman. Realises movies (16 mm, blanck & white,
            3 -10 mn, essay, search, (bought by an university, United-States)

1972       ・Creation of movies, slides and light in a musical group Red Buddha
            Arrives in France, with a modern theatre troop
            Takes old by light of sun intensity, he wants to photography.

1973       ・Leaves the theatre troop
            Settles in Paris, and starts to photography
            Starts of Environnement series

1974-1981  ・Fenêtre series (Windows)

1977       ・Grand Prix des Jeunes Photographes, Arles, France

1978       ・Starts to work on portraits
           ・Pièce series
           ・Prix de la critique photographique Kodak, France

1979-1983  ・Photographs 19th and 20th centuries European architecture,
            for the book, Architecture de fin de siècle, 6 vol., published in Japan
           ・Photographs artists’s portraits, for Ryuko-Tsushin review, with Michel
            Nuridsany’s interviews

1979-1983  ・Starts Eclats series

1981       ・Takes fashion photographies for Yohji Yamamoto, 2 catalogues
            SD review, in Japan, publishes serie Environnement

1984       ・Prix de la Société photographique Shinjin-sho
            Starts large black and white polaroïds (20x25’) in Japan

1985       ・Receives Kimura Ihei and Higashikawa prizes, Japan
           ・Ecrans serie
           ・Continues his work, in France, on large polaroïds (20 x 25 inches), in color

1985-1987   ・Realises series tissus de Minagawa Makiko for Issey Miyake

1986-1993   ・Corps serie

1987        ・Birth of air (on glass) - transparent series
            ・Light installation : Obelisk of Light, Hikarigaoka Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
            ・Light installation : Tree of Light : winter garden, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, Japan
            ・ Gulbenkian Museum grant, Portugal

1988       ・Prize Nicéphore Niépce, France 
          ・Member of the jury for Light and Monuments

1989      ・Transparent serie
          ・Realizes a short movie : The labyrinth (I.N.A.)
          ・Creation of a garden : Garden of Light , Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan
          ・Prix d’ADC, Japan

1990      ・Winner of Villa Médicis hors les murs, France

1991       ・Realizes a movie with N.H.K Japon : Sens of Light
           ・Creation of a garden : Bunkoki (Spectromètre), Utazu, Kagawa, Japan

1992       ・Realizes a movie on his work, for R.I.P., Arles, France
           ・In Between series

1993        ・Grand Prix de la Fondation franco-japonaise Château Beychevelle, France
            ・Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, France
          ・Light installation : Combat du dragon (Dragon fight) at the castle of
           Angers, France
          ・Project for a light installation at Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France

1994      ・ADC Prize, Japan

1995        ・Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France
          ・Realizes a movie : Cendres (Ashes) (32 mn) with La Maison Européenne de la
           Photographie, Institut National de l’Audio-visuel (I.N.A.), France-Télécom,
          ・Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, City of Paris Delegation in Japan,
          ・Délégation aux Arts Plastiques (D.A.P.), E.D.F. Foundation, Transpalux SA.
          ・Produced by Maison Européenne de la Photographie and LIEURAC Productions

1996      ・Realizes a project of an altar for the new cathedral in Evry, France
          ・Realizes an in situ installation at the Arsenal Saint-des-Vignes, Soissons, France

1997      ・Realizes an in situ installation : Quartier du Petit Marseille, at the Art and History
           Museum of Rochefort, France.

1998      ・Creation of Water garden for the Festival International des jardins de
           Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

1999      ・Light installation for the Light Festival : Vallée de la Chimie, Lyon, France

2000      ・Light Installation in the Canal Saint-Martin : Echos of light, Paris, France
          ・Realizes the book about L’art baroque, Piemonti, Italy
          ・Realizes the book : Rome 2000, Rome, Italy

2001      ・Installation : Portal of Light, permanent, Institute of Technology,
            Carlow, Ireland
          ・Installation : Jardin Niwa (Niwa Garden), permanent, at the
           Maison européenne de la photographie
            (European House of Photography), Paris, France
          ・Light scape : Four Dimensions of Light, temporary, Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan

2002      ・Light scape : Pont de lumière (Bridge of Light), temporary,
           Christmas Tree Festival, Rousseau Island, Geneva, Switzerland
          ・Took part in the seminar, Asia-Europe Workshop for Young
           Photographers, Singapore
          ・Was one of the two finalistes of BBC Broadcasting House Redevelopment
           Competition, London, England

2003      ・ Light sculpture : Portail de lumière (Portal of Light), temporary,
            Lille2004, Lille, France
          ・Light scape : Nuit blanche, (Sleepless Night), temporary, Bourse du commerce
            (Commodities Exchange)Paris, France
          ・Took part in the seminar Eclat de l’obscure, (One Obscure Fragment),
           at the Royal Abbey of Celles-sur-Belle, France
          ・Took part in the seminar LuzBoa sur la lumière, (LuzBoa on the Light)
           Lisbon, Portugal.

2004      ・Light sculpture : Empreinte de lumière (Light Impression), permanent,
           SEM Nantes Aménagement, Nantes, France
          ・Light installation : As Portas de Tejo, Lisbonne, Portugal, in progress

2005      ・Created light scape for Green Plaza, Beijing, China, in progress
          ・Created light scape for Battersea Power Station, London, England, project
          ・Created building : Ginza 888, Tokyo, Japan, in progress
          ・Created light scape for CMA-CGM new building, Marseilles, France, project

2006      ・ Light scape : Ode à la Méditerranée (Ode to Mediterranean), permanent,
            Departmental Records and Library Gaston Defferre, Marseilles, France
          ・Created light scape for Adelaide Bay Art Center, Toronto, Canada, project

2007      ・Light scape : U.F.R. Physical sciences, Paris 7-Denis Diderot University,
           permanent, Paris, France

2008      ・Art direction of the Museum of Islamic Art and published a photography

2009      ・Light scape : Tricolore Ambassade de France Tokyo

2011      ・Light sculpture :『澄=Clear』Taiwan Art Project

2015      ・Les Mains series
          ・Installation : Niwa, Jardin a la Festival de Rencontres d'Arles, Arles, France

2016      ・Photosynthesis 1978-1980